Nicole Schryer

My Journey

Empathy, compassion, and communication are at my root. Grief began my journey to healing and finding purpose. My Masters in Art Therapy and Counseling have allowed me the fortunate place to do what I love, helping others.

Every experience that I have had has furthered me professionally and personally in areas our society needs for positive change. Teaching advocacy and empowerment skills are so important within a therapeutic framework.

My experience working in a residential facility for youth allowed me to identify struggles that were unknown in my world. Helping to engage children in schools where they didn’t fully understand the importance of an education, taught me humility. I learned from these students what was important outside of school. Finding my place working with all populations as well as supervising others taught me that I will always be learning from my associates, clients, and colleagues.

I have a loving husband and two wonderful children that are my world. I am grateful for the support my family and friends provide to us. I continue to remind myself of the gifts we have in one another.

My writing is a way for me to help provide resources and normalcy for situations that aren’t always talked about in open settings. The biggest thing I continue to learn about is how important connections to others are. Grief has certainly instilled this in me.

I look forward to utilizing my skills, advocacy, and education to provide resources where I see they are lacking. My love for kids will further allow me to develop books to make difficult subjects easy and understandable for children of all ages.