Addy’s Journey to her Forever Home

Know a child or family that has been touched by the foster care system. Think about gifting Addy’s Journey to those that can benefit this holiday season. We hope this season brings families new and old together. Sending love and positive thoughts to all. Addy’s Journey to her Forever Home (Mom’s Choice Award Winner)

A Thanksgiving Sentiment

Thinking of the things I’m grateful for floods me with gratitude and grounded love. Growing up I was fortunate to have the parents I had and the opportunities that were bestowed upon me due to my family’s history and my parent’s perseverance. My parents instilled in me motivation to spread love. They did this by teaching me ways to listen rather than judge. Every year I feel closer to being at a place that they would be/are proud of. My father came from very little in terms of material things. His brothers and him […]

Exciting Movement

2022 has made me feel stuck in so many ways. Never did I realize the growth that I would find that would nourish my soul. I completed a passion project with a friend and it came to life at the end of 2021. I saw highs and lows of this project early in 2022. This week marks over 120 copies of Addy’s Journey to her Forever Home sold! Reviews we have gotten from people has been incredible. I got a Hysterectomy and was at least 20 lbs heavier than I’ve ever been before. The […]

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