The Foundation Matters

My husband and I had a wonderful dinner out for our anniversary. I always remind myself how important it is to make family time special. I often forget the importance of nurturing the relationship that began our family. 9 years and 2 kids later we were beginning to forget the foundation. Last night we got to laugh without hesitation, enjoy adult conversation that had nothing to do with our kids, and be intimate in a way we don’t have time or patience for. It was wonderful and I know We are lucky. Our foundation […]

Parenting a Toddler Is…

Parenting a toddler is equal parts challenging and amazing. Every day is filled with wonder, tears, smiles, hugs, discipline, and crumbs. So many … Parenting a Toddler Is…

At a stand still trying to see the light

My foot has been in a boot for 2 1/2 months. I went to the doctor last week with hopes that it was progressing. I was met with, it’s still barely healing and you’re doing all the right things. I asked if surgery previously would have made a difference. “It may have, but…” my doctor wants put me on a bone stimulating machine to help my foot heal. I’ve read articles that say 86% success rate and other articles that say 38%. I’m working on a second opinion as we can be our best […]

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