Aha Moment To Connect with the Present

I took my daughter to our local dollar store this weekend. The clerk checking us out was an amazing woman. She was beyond kind to my daughter and began our day with solace that there are so many wonderful people in our world. This clerk and I were making small talk. I joked about Lucy being a handful and she reminded me, little kids little problems, big kids big problems. This woman raised 3 young adults that are in the scary phase of learning how to be responsible adults that will sustain them. We […]

What I Have Control Over

I have made strides on my healing journey over the last 2 weeks. After a hysterectomy earlier this year, breaking my foot 3 months later, and being in a boot for 13 weeks, I decided it was time I found something to feel in control of. I made the decision to switch doctors. The doctor I saw told me to get out of the boot and into a shoe. His recommendation was if it stays the same or gets better it’s healing. If it’s worse come back to him. I can proudly say I […]

Overcoming Fears

My son started a new season of soccer and we were unsure what the second practice would look like. His first practice my dad took him and he left after 15 minutes. Fear set in. I asked him to try it again, and this time I would take him. If he did well, even if he wanted to sit there he would get a reward. I’m not above bribing if it means helping my kid overcome his fear and be able to enjoy something active. He agreed to come. At first he stood back […]

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