Love is Love is Love and thoughts to Ponder

Visiting family in Michigan for Memorial Day weekend has been exciting and amazing! I was challenged with finding a lunch spot on our way to Ann Arbor. Dare I say I found the perfect place? I can’t say enough wonderful things about Bobcat Bonnie’s! I did not realize from the website that this was an LGBTQ+ restaurant, as I was on the lookout strategically for good food and drinks to kick off this long weekend. Bonnie’s did not disappoint and went above and beyond for our family! The food was absolutely fantastic! Glitter covered…

Love in all it’s Forms

16 years ago today the person that first loved me passed away. Every year I’m amazed at how the years go on and the number increasing with each passing day. I’ve learned to find ways to honor and carry her with me. My mom taught me so much. Never take life too seriously, connections with others are priority, and love with your whole heart. My children live on through her, and although I don’t remember every aspect of how she parented or know what she would say now, I know the feeling of his…

Working to Inspire Hope

The other day I did a thing… Visiting Dollywood and thought I would leave my book for Dolly or whomever may find it! May end up in lost and found or…🤞

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