Working to Inspire Hope

The other day I did a thing… Visiting Dollywood and thought I would leave my book for Dolly or whomever may find it! May end up in lost and found or…🤞

Victim to Survivor

I’ve thought a lot lately about why people are so resistant to change, but without change growth cannot occur. People argue that being politically correct confuses the masses. However, I believe if we understand why the change to certain words occur maybe it won’t be met with so much resistance. I have been lucky enough to participate in the Domestic Violence Task Force through my agency. I get the chance to learn from those that see the ugly of the world on consistent basis. I was able to sit with two amazing individuals that…

Letter to Parents

So excited for all the new babies I’ve had the privilege to know in 2023. It brought me back to a year ago, when I decided to not have anymore kids and finalize my decision through a hysterectomy. Many emotions have hit me through my reproductive process. Sadness, fear, excitement, happiness, unending love. With these emotions, I am beyond grateful that I had the opportunity to birth our two amazing children, as I know the struggles that many women face with infertility. I am lucky. Many families are not. As I grow I see…

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