You are Good Enough if you Lead with Love

So many people try to make sense of why people do what they do. No two people are alike. I remember someone telling me that when your child is born remember that they are a stranger that is figuring out their way of life. It is not for you to decide for them, but you are there as a guide to help mold and support that child through this thing we call life. This resonated so deeply with me, but often I find myself wondering why my kids did the things they did or…

Ending on a Positive

My ending to 2022 has been filled with joy, contentment, and love. Thanksgiving and Christmas felt even richer than precovid. I was able to celebrate with our family in a precovid way, but with a gratitude and appreciation that felt very different. Thanksgiving was a chance for me to develop and continue our traditions of letting others entertain, while just being present to enjoy each family member we got to see. My soul began to feel the holiday season that was upon us. Christmas I felt more relaxed setting up our house, not worrying…

Addy’s Journey to her Forever Home

Know a child or family that has been touched by the foster care system. Think about gifting Addy’s Journey to those that can benefit this holiday season. We hope this season brings families new and old together. Sending love and positive thoughts to all. Addy’s Journey to her Forever Home (Mom’s Choice Award Winner)

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