The hospital call…

It was break during our staff meeting at work yesterday. My heart dropped. The nurse at my son’s school called as well as my husband. I missed these calls and only had bits of information from the short voicemails left. I called my dad and found out my son had a petit mal seizure at school, also known as an absence seizure.

Luckily my work is amazing and I was able to leave, no questions asked, other than “are you okay to drive to him?” I stated “yes” in a definitive tone. Of course on the way to the hospital a traffic jam ensued but I made it there as fast as I could. Liam was tired but overall seemed in good spirits and was the most patient kid in the room.

Seeing my husband made me remember, don’t take on guilt for not seeing my son’s school calling during a meeting. My husband and I are a team and he made it. Hewas able to leave for work after a few hours and we are both here to support one another. I am grateful for this.

The hospital was overrun with patients. The wait was long, but the workers were doing the best they could. I can’t say enough fantastic things about our doctor. He was very thorough and knew specifically what to ask. He didn’t just listen to the resident who didn’t ask the right questions and stated my son may have been out of it for attention. Liam is the type of kid who’s body would never left him fake being still. He’s a kid on the go. The doctor worked hard to ensure we felt comfortable with his diagnosis and answered all the questions we had.

The good news, I have an exceptional kid who is learning compassion through patience and communication. His type of seizure isn’t permanently damaging. I am fortunate and lucky for everyone that texted and called to check on Liam. Today we rest which is something we didn’t plan, but all desperately need. Our bodies have a way of telling us this. Sending positive thoughts of good health to all.

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Hi! I am a Counselor, Art Therapist, and Clinical Supervisor by day. Mother mornings and nights. Advocate, writer, and compassionate thinker when possible.

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