The Foundation Matters

My husband and I had a wonderful dinner out for our anniversary. I always remind myself how important it is to make family time special. I often forget the importance of nurturing the relationship that began our family.

9 years and 2 kids later we were beginning to forget the foundation. Last night we got to laugh without hesitation, enjoy adult conversation that had nothing to do with our kids, and be intimate in a way we don’t have time or patience for. It was wonderful and I know We are lucky.

Our foundation consists of uplifting one another’s hope and dreams. Smiling at the life we are building. Laughing at inside jokes that only silas and I get. Trusting one another with our hearts. Knowing that love and quality time matter, not the gifts or the material gestures.

I hope to instill these values in our children. I know making time for one another will instill healthy relationships and connections in our children. Our cups are half full again.

Make time for those that are important to you. Refill your cups. Spend quality time to invigorate your soul.

By compassionenriched

Hi! I am a Counselor, Art Therapist, and Clinical Supervisor by day. Mother mornings and nights. Advocate, writer, and compassionate thinker when possible.

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