Fourth of July

Watching fireworks last night, I felt a sense of peace and contentment overcome my sense of being. I snuggled my little boy and held my daughters hand that was nestled with her dad.

I began to think of all the other families stories that surrounded us. What did it take for them and their ancestors to get here? What are the hardships and peace that they know? I wish them all to feel the love that I had in my heart at that moment and have within me often.

I am thankful for the freedoms we have, thanks to all those that have served and continue to serve. I hope the future brings back freedoms that have been taken from us. I hope my daughter and other young ladies have the same choices my generation had growing up. Enjoy your family and snuggle them tight this Fourth of July.

By compassionenriched

Hi! I am a Counselor, Art Therapist, and Clinical Supervisor by day. Mother mornings and nights. Advocate, writer, and compassionate thinker when possible.

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