Things My Children Remind Me

The first glimmer of sun in Ohio is here! The past few days have been a dream of having energy to get together with my dear friend. Watching our children play together provides a feeling of hope and love.

Again, I am reminded not every kid has the opportunity to experience carefree fun. Some children come from situations where they are expected to be self sufficient or even a care taker to their younger siblings at an age where they shouldn’t have a care in the world.

This reminds me of why I decided to write “Addy’s Journey to her Forever Home”. This is a way to provide normalcy to children that don’t have a life like mine. The hope piece is that one day they have a chance to revert back to a childhood sense of joy through trust and love.

Although I’m not great at promoting or constantly posting Addy’s Journey I believe her story can help others. Here is a link in case you, or someone you know may benefit from hearing her story:

Addy’s Journey to her Forever Home (Mom’s Choice Award Winner)

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