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I am so excited to discuss Popcorn and Books. This is a family run company with 10 year old Karter Johnson as the CEO! He is such a wonderful influence and gives me hope as to what the future of our children are capable of!

Karter does two things:

  1. He will reads to children through his Youtube Channel or Website to promote literacy and connect children to the joy of reading.
  2. He will send subscription boxes to children through his program around the Detroit area for kids aged 5-10 years old.

His main goal is to help children not fall behind in school by allowing them to become immersed in the reading experience.

How could I not donate to this wonderful cause? He read my book Addy’s Journey to her Forever Home, and read it better than I could have any day. I am grateful that he chose my book and am excited to be able to help him grow his amazing company. Please take time to visit their website at

Also, Check out Addy’s Journey to her Forever Home read aloud by Karter Johnson at

or podcast at

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