A New Perspective

My son’s 6th birthday occurred yesterday. I was reminiscing on the pictures of this kids over the last 6 years. What stood out? The first years of my son’s life appeared so carefree and filled with a plethora of people. As the years went on pictures turned into our immediate family and intimidate moments. The effects of Covid-19 have really been seen. Instead of focusing on the sadness that began welling up in my eyes, I have tried to instead focus on the positives of seclusion as hard as it may be. Throughout his last 2 years we have been able to see his love and compassion for others grow stronger. His memory is incredible and he really appreciates the times we get to spend with those we don’t see often. The quality of those moments have improved. Instead of focusing on the negative I will force myself to look at the positives for my son and daughters sakes. Spring and summer are around the corner and outside fun is close in sight! In the meantime, I’ll take all the snuggles I can get!

By compassionenriched

Hi! I am a Counselor, Art Therapist, and Clinical Supervisor by day. Mother mornings and nights. Advocate, writer, and compassionate thinker when possible.

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