Teachings from a child

My son Liam stated yesterday, “Mom, no one has the answer to why we’re here.” I am trying to wrack my brain with what exactly myself and my MIL were talking about, but his innocence and acceptance in that moment opened my eyes.

Liam is almost 6 years old and is wise beyond his years. In those few words I realized how important the present moment is. When we spend too much time focusing on the past or future we can’t take in the world around us. We miss it.

My children teach me daily how important it is to stay connected. Identifying answers and searching for the unknown can be wonderful things, but when you do it so much you miss out on what’s right in front of you.

As I sit in here in silence at 5:30 AM in my cozy home I am reflecting on how grateful I am to have this home, my caring husband, my witty and amazing children, and a plethora of love that hits me in all directions. I further remember not everyone is this lucky.

Stay grateful for what you have. Enjoy those small life changing moments. Remember that when you show love and kindness others can feel it. That particular person may need that little bit of being able to be seen by another human being.

By compassionenriched

Hi! I am a Counselor, Art Therapist, and Clinical Supervisor by day. Mother mornings and nights. Advocate, writer, and compassionate thinker when possible.

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